Josephine 00:00:04:

Hi, I’m Josephine Hughes. I’m the mother of two transgender daughters who came out in their teens and early twenties.

In gloriously unready series three I want to give people a voice to express their love for their transgender children and their transgender partners.

Moya 00:00:25:

You know, it was a really difficult conversation. But it was difficult because it was a big life change, not because I wasn’t going to accept it. I love her. And when you nearly lose somebody, it makes you really appreciate how precious they are.

Marie Manley 00:00:40:

We did the census, didn’t we, a little while ago. And that sort of. I hovered over that and thought, what am I? You know, who am I? And that was really difficult. And in the end, I ticked bisexual because I loved my husband and now I love Joanne. So that’s where I ended up.

Dr Lulu 00:00:59:

You know, the fact that my kid is alive today is a miracle because I was the worst parent you can imagine. But now I know, looking back, it was all from a place of fear.

Helen McCarthy  00:01:14:

My child was called Rosie, and they wanted to be a boy. We talked about it and why and had great discussions with a three year old.

You can’t imagine it.

And they used to pretend to have, like, gonads or whatever, you know, when they were playing football, and they would go, oh, like, I’ve just been hit like the boys, helpless.

Anna Hayward 00:01:39:

I became increasingly aware that there was a huge overlap between autism and trans and non binary identity. So if I talk about my son, he’s quite significantly autistic. He has complex needs. From very, very early on, he didn’t conform to gender stereotypes at all.

Josephine 00:02:00:

Transgender issues have never been far away from the news. Sadly, identity politics are being used as a political football.

Anon 00:02:09:

The news is blanket trans hostile, I would say, mainly because they know that it gives them revenue and it creates outrage and therefore it creates clicks, and it’s a money making exercise.

Josephine 00:02:24:

What I hope from this podcast series is to share that transgender people and their families are just human, just like the rest of us, and worthy of love and support.